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Raining Mangos

After a week of searing, summer-is-here-oh-dear temperatures, the windy spring thunderstorms have been a welcome respite. (Now if only we could have electricity and cool rain…).

Rain is my favorite type of weather, much to my husband’s chagrin. I find the rain so refreshing and life-giving. I love the way rain settles the dust and the way the thick gray clouds highlight the grass and flowers, making them pop with vibrancy. I love the friendly wind that accompanies the rain, the way it sweeps the muggy staleness out of my house (and often my heart!) and makes the tree tops dance. I love the thunder and lightning, those enormous displays of God’s power, and the candlelight nights that follow. I love the cozy thankfulness I feel in the midst of a storm, thankfulness at my cuddled-up homey security and the reminder it brings of the protective wings of my savior that I am sheltered under in the midst of real-life difficulties.

I love the rain.

Mango Frozen Yogurt Photo from Healthy Food for Living

I also love mangos. Not the puny little mangos you get in the States, but the juicy, robust, delicious mango varieties we get here in North India. “Yum” doesn’t do them justice. A tiny little plus point (perhaps the only one) of those searing summer temperatures is the beginning of mango season. My mom-in-law and I both spied the first mangos of the season the other day and brought them home to try. It was a little premature but gave hope for the cool lovely bits of mango to come. In honor of mango season (oh, let it come soon!), here are some links to ways I like to use my delicious mangos (although who I am kidding? They mostly go directly to my tummy!):

  • Mango Frozen Yogurt via TastyKitchen
  • Mango Salsa via FoodGawker. The salsa is great not just for dipping chips, but also as a topping for fish or chicken. If we could get avocados here I would add them in since the combo sounds heavenly. And since we had an influx of strawberries late in the season, I think I might be able to finally try this strawberry, mango, basil salsa combo found here.
  • Mango Shake, Indian style (aka Mango Lassi); a simple version here or a more “hi-fi” version here. Perfect for a summer afternoon snack!
  • We love Thai food and so I can’t wait to make some mango sticky rice this summer. Any authentic recipe suggestions?
  • Intimidated by selecting, peeling, and dicing a mango? I found this simple guide with pictures quite helpful.

So, I love mangos. And did I mention that I love the rain? It’s still lightning and thundering outside, pitter pattering, and I’m off to bed to dream sweet dreams laden with mangos!

Amelia - April 12, 2012 - 7:45 pm

YUM! Fresh mangoes in India! So jealous :-) Unfortunately, I’m allergic to the skin, but if Varun carefully peels them and cleans the kitchen, I can usually get away with it..

Kar - April 15, 2012 - 3:47 pm

Even though fresh is way better, in the US used to be able to find good brands of frozen mango chunks. Then you could avoid the skin! I always just looked on the packaging to make sure they were Indian mangos…:)

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